About us

Where do we derive the name of the Company, Methuselah Translations?

It was derived in the Bible(  In the Book of Genesis). Methuselah was the man who ever long lived on the planet earth( 969 years ). This links to our vision of preserving the  all Indigenous, Dialects, Vernacular, Popular, Local, Endangered and Aboriginal languages  by  preventing them to die  and live longer trough Translation and Interpretation Services we provide and encouraging them to keep on writing, speaking and teaching them to their children. 

“Our language is like a pearl inside a shell. The shell is like the people that carry the language. If our language is taken away, then that would be like a pearl that is gone. We would be like an empty oyster shell” 

by Yurranydjil Dhurrkay, Galiwin’ku, North East Arnhem Land


Methuselah  Translations provides translation and Interpretation solutions that ensure global consistency, local relevancy and technical usability across all touch points. Being  the first  largest and fastest-growing language service provider(LSP) in the world, our employees and linguists  thrive  to make a difference in society through language. “Every day, we help billions of people  worldwide overcome communication barriers, meet goals, build trust and grow as individuals.” It is this passion for helping others that continues to drive our culture of service excellence, and that keeps clients coming back to us!

Using our innovative technologies, global program management expertise and our worldwide crowd of more than 50,000,000 professional Translators  and Interpreters ,we provide integrated solutions that enable clients to successfully market, sell and support their products and services in respective global markets .

So reach us from everywhere around the globe,  our language experts  are  from  any  each remote tribe , region ,  country  in Africa ( Dialects, Indigenous &Vernacular Languages),  North  and South America ( Indigenous Languages ),  Asia ( Local Languages),  Oceania( Australia & Pacific Islands: Aboriginal and  Indigenous Languages) and Europe( Popular Languages).

Why Methuselah Translations

  • Native Professional In-house and In-countries Specialized and professional Linguists/Translators/Interpreters.

  • Dedicated Project Management Team Per Account.

  • 24/7 Production Team Availability.

  • Ability to Meet Tight Deadlines.

  • Multiple CAT Tools Knowledge to Ensure Quality and Reduce Cost.

  • Built-In Proprietary Technology for Accurate Translation.

Industries We Serve

Life Sciences

 Methuselah Translations equips the world's leading life sciences organizations with a full range of translation services for their regulatory, clinical, commercial and patent needs. Our life sciences translation services ensure your products and ideas seamlessly reach new markets and comply with all regulatory and cultural requirements through every stage of the product lifecycle.

Legal Services

Methuselah Translations is a recognized leader in comprehensive language solutions for the legal industry. We provide the world’s largest law firms and corporate legal departments with a full suite of services, ranging from the translation of contracts and compliance documentation to full-scale multilingual litigation requiring certified translation and foreign language document review. 


The finance industry is more global and interconnected than ever before, but also faces increased regulatory oversight and new requirements to present financial and regulatory information in multiple languages. Financial services companies trust Methuselah Translations  to accurately translate documents like financial reports, SEC filings and business correspondence.

Consumer Products

Methuselah Translations is a leading provider of language services to the consumer products & retail industry. We help the world’s top brands reach global consumers and enter foreign markets with localized content that is as effective and impactful as the original.

Travel & Hospitality

Methuselah Translations Global Network

Our experienced global network of translators can help you effectively communicate with customers (current and potential) in any language and location around the world. We specialize in professional document translation services for each segment of the travel & hospitality industry including transportation, accommodation, food, beverage, and entertainment. You can rely on us to capture the nuances of your communications and help you grow your business worldwide.

Media & Entertainment

The media & entertainment landscape is changing rapidly, so it is essential to partner with a global translation services partner that can work seamlessly with the latest multimedia technologies and platforms while providing fast turnarounds to meet urgent deadlines. Whether you need dubbing for a film, translation for a script or interpreters for a breaking news event, Methuselah Translations offers accurate language services that take your content from local to global and vice-versa.

Projects Completed
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What the Happy Clients Say

We engaged  Methuselah Translations on their translation services and they kept the deadline and  the quality was  very good.

World Bank jobs
World Bank HR

Our company contacted  Methuselah  Translations when we needed urgent translation and Interpretation in French, Chinese, Russian, English, Arabic and Spanish, Not only were they prompt and delivered the work on time, we found it to be very qualified and professional.


We worked recently with  Methuselah  Translations with all Indigenous Languages in Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia, especially for all 872 languages spoken in Papua New Guinea for Covid-19 Translations. We found them quite reliable and professional in their work since they provided excellent translation in the given deadline.