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Your one- stop shop  for all World Translation and Interpretation  Languages Services  in languages that would be unheard of by most

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Methuselah Translations

“Your one- stop shop  for all World Translation and Interpretation  Languages Services  in languages that would be unheard of by most.


Methuselah Translations offers professional Services  in all the world languages  with the help of our  certified  Translators’ network of professionals.


With new Languages added  on regular basis, Methuselah Translations supports more than 1,600,000 Languages  pairs and more than 7000 Languages(Indigenous, Dialects, Vernacular, Popular, Local, Endangered and Aboriginal)



At all times   Methuselah  Translations collaborates, respects and applies its best skills, sincere good will and abilities towards each of its clients.


While the world loses a language every 40 days, translation and Interpretation  efforts bring new life to threatened  and endangered Languages.

For that purpose,  Methuselah Translations  will connect, assist with communication,  increase understanding and equality between communities and finally preserves languages from disappearing and live longer as Methuselah, the name itself of this Company.


Our Vision is to  preserve the all-World Languages  and  address  every client’s needs  regarding  their languages  requests   in  translation and Interpretation  Services.  It is also to Connect Business, People And Cultures Through Language.

In An Increasingly Multicultural World,  Methuselah Translations Will Improve Relationships, Help Businesses Compete Globally, And Assist Individuals Across Diverse Cultures And Languages Attain Equitable Access To Services And Products, Thereby Enhancing Cultural And Linguistic Respect.

What the Happy Clients Say

We worked recently with Methuselah Translations with all Indigenous Languages in Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia especially for all 872 languages spoken in Papua New Guinea for Covid-19 Translations. We found them quite reliable and professional in their work since they provided excellent translation in the given deadline


Methuselah Translations replies very faster and provides a very high quality you can’t get anywhere else in the World especially for Aboriginal, Indigenous and Vernacular languages Translations including OPI and VRI.Thank you very much. We will be sending you more Translation Jobs in the near Future and we will recommend you to many Translation companies


We contacted Methuselah Translations when we needed urgent translation and Interpretation in French, Chinese, Russian, English, Arabic and Spanish, Not only were they prompt and delivered the work on time, we found it to be very qualified and professional